The glamour that was, the university day

By Hilary Okello, DCM II

It was the university day/ cultural day- it was our day. A diffuse number of cultures showcased there crème de la crème of what they considered the utmost exquisite components of their cultures. Namely the Nigerian association, the northern Uganda association, the eastern Uganda association, the Eritrean association, the list is endless.

Not so much a typical Ugandan birthday as we all witnessed, personally I've never attended a birthday that comprised of things as astonishing as what many concluded was Nigerian “juju” but all in all, it was a day worth living along our memory lanes.

The performances were topnotch, with a number of eye-catching moments that ceased the day- to begin with, for once as a shocker we realized one of the Eritrean dancers was called “Masaba”...which to this day renders me completely speechless. Then, that Nigerian guy who split a water melon with a machete a couple of times and remarkably failed to do the same to his abdomen and back...HOW? That's the question that roamed all through the crowd...until it was later resolved that “juju” really does exist.


The fire blazes that gutted the air...the guild president dancing with a lot of vigor that even sweat feared to interrupt him and found it safer to mind its own business, the northern and eastern groups made it even more beautiful. The beautiful western Uganda association participants together with the ever gorgeous Eritreans wonderfully graced the occasion. I simply can't say it all...


Ooh! And not forgetting the MCs who made the day what is was...and the presence of the administration who we must agree 'administered' very well.


In a nutshell, the beauty that this day was is simply indescribable...or if it were, then it was way beyond phenomenal.

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