Foundation Course

Higher Education Certificate Programme in Health Sciences. 

Foundation programme for admission into degree/diploma programs in health sciences at international health sciences university

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Target Audience

  1. This programme targets foreign students without A’ Level qualifications/ equivalent BUT would otherwise qualify for admissions into undergraduate programs in their countries but do not qualify for admission under the Uganda criteria.
  2. Ugandan students who have sat for the Uganda Advanced Certificate Examinations in sciences but only obtained one principle pass in a relevant subjects and would like to be admitted for a degree program in health sciences.. 

UACE holders with subject combination in sciences who got only subsidiary passes at A level and would like to be admitted for diploma programs in health sciences.


Minimum Admission Requirements

  1. International qualifications that would otherwise qualify a candidate in his/her country for undergraduate University programs
  2. Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education with at least two subsidiary passes or its equivalent. At least one of the subsidiary pass shall be from a principal subject.
  3. Holders of UACE with at least one principal pass shall be deemed to meet the admission requirements.
  4. A certificate in Nursing/ Midwifery; Certificate in laboratory science; certificate in pharmacy from a recognized institute and registered with a professional body
  5. Qualifications equivalent to Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) as shall be determined by the National Council in consultation with the Uganda National Examinations Board
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