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Public health has become increasingly important in the political agenda due to concerns about increasing levels of diseases that take human lives unnecessarily. In addition to increasing lifestyle-related ill health (including obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure, chronic ill-health, and poor mental health), Sub-Saharan Africa suffers from diseases and illnesses that are closely related to poverty and lack of access to preventative health care services. Poverty, HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, pollution, preventable diseases, and conflicts are problems that we see all around us in the Great Lakes region today. Thus, the need to train train public health officers to respond to those challenges. The Institute of Public Health and Management (IHPM) of IHSU offers this degree programme for those already working in the health sector who wish to specialize in public health and for school leavers who wish to enter this emerging and challenging field.

Throughout this course, students are introduced to a variety of subjects that provide the knowledge base and skills for understanding the social, economic, biological, and environmental dimensions of health and health improvement. Typical courses in the programme offer students a range of options to examine, including health promotion and public health; management; finance; gender; health economics; globalisation; clinical governance; data management, quality assurance, leadership, and epidemiology.

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  • The aim of this BSc Public Health programme is to provide students with a broad knowledge of the theories and methods of public health as well as skills in working with the health problems of the communities in which they work.

    Through following this programme, students will be trained to:

    1. evaluate and analyse the challenges confronting public health and the provision of health services today;
    2. engage in policy debates about global and international health; and
    3. respond to the challenge of the widening health inequalities that exist within and between communities and indeed countries.
  • Some of the course units taught include; Epidemiology, Statistics, Biostatistics, Environmental Health, Principles of management, Understanding Public Health, Public Health Food & Nutrition, Introduction to Health Economics, Research Methods, health promotion & Education and Occupation Health among others.

  • To be admitted for undergraduate (Bachelor) Degree, the applicant must fulfill one of the conditions below. Undergraduate programmes are open to Ugandans and International students who fulfill admission requirements. Particularly, a candidate may be eligible for admission to the BSc. Public Health course if she/he falls in one of the following categories:

    1. Direct entrants with at least 2 principle passes at A’ level in any of the following subjects; Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Agriculture, Geography, Mathematics, Nutrition, Economics and Health Sciences among others.
    2. Diploma holders with basic training as Nurses, Health Inspectors, Allied Medical professionals, Health Educators, Nutritionists, Counselors, Social workers and all other equivalents.
    3. Diploma or their equivalents in health or social science professions (e.g., medicine, environmental health, Social work, Comprehensive nursing), who possess at least two years field experience as a community worker with health related activities. Candidates who hold relevant bachelor’s Degree can also be admitted for this program.
    4. Mature/Continuing Students: Certificate or its equivalent in Environmental Health Sciences, Nursing, Midwifery, Crop production & management, Animal Production & Management who possess at least two years field experience as a community worker with health related activities.
    5. Any student who does one-principle pass at 'A' Level but passes the IHSU Foundation Course or its equivalent qualifies for admission.

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