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This programme is extremely relevant given the expanding nature of the health services industry in the East Africa region. All managers of health facilities need the business and technology skills required in this increasingly complex business so that health care provision in the country becomes more efficient and able to deliver services using best business practices. With courses focusing on the structure and dynamics of the health care industry, students will gain a valuable understanding of the nature of business within a health care environment. A key feature of our degree programme which integrates business fundamentals with an expertise in health care administration, is that key skills and competencies in effective and efficient health management are transferable to the general business environment.

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  • The goal of our BBA Health Management degree is to give the managers of tomorrow the skills necessary to manage all the resources of a healthcare facility (people, material, and financial) in an efficient and effective manner.


    At the end of this programme, students will have developed a core understanding of the business fundamentals necessary to manage health care organizations effectively. They will also have:

    1. Understood the policies and best practices in health care administration for Uganda today;
    2. Acquired real-world management skills and techniques that can be applied to a variety of areas in health care, including personnel, financial management, resources, external relationships, operational quality, and budgeting;
    3. Gained the fundamental knowledge in business administration and health care that will provide a stepping stone to an executive MBA in health management.
  • Some of the courses taught include; Understanding Public Health; Principles of Management, Leadership & Organisational Change; Introduction to Finance for Healthcare Managers; Principles of Accounting; Health and Development; Healthcare Systems; Organizational Behaviour and Development; Biostatistics; Intermediate Accounting; Entrepreneurship and Innovation;Quantitative Methods;Industrial Relations & Business Laws; Advanced Accounting; Cost and Management Accounting and Financial Control and Audit among others.

  • To be admitted for undergraduate (Bachelor) Degree, the applicant must fulfill one of the conditions below. Undergraduate programmes are open to Ugandans and International students who fulfill admission requirements. Particularly, a candidate may be eligible for admission to the BBA (Health Management) course if she/he falls in one of the following categories:

    1. Direct entrants with at least 2 principle passes at A’ level in any of the following subjects; Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Agriculture, Geography, Mathematics, Nutrition, Economics and Health Sciences among others.
    2. Diploma holders with basic training as Nurses, Health Inspectors, Allied Medical professionals, Health Educators, Nutritionists, Counselors, Social workers and all other equivalents.
    3. Diploma or their equivalents in health or social science professions (e.g., medicine, environmental health, Social work, Comprehensive nursing), who possess at least two years field experience as a community worker with health related activities. Candidates who hold relevant bachelor’s Degree can also be admitted for this program.
    4. Mature/Continuing Students: Certificate or its equivalent in Environmental Health Sciences, Nursing, Midwifery, Crop production & management, Animal Production & Management who possess at least two years field experience as a community worker with health related activities.
    5. Any student who does one-principle pass at 'A' Level but passes the IHSU Foundation Course or its equivalent qualifies for admission.

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