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The International Health Sciences University (IHSU) in Uganda is a niche University that is licensed by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education (NCHE [UI.PL 013]). IHSU is a non-residential university offering health sciences courses and grooms students to become tomorrow's leaders in the provision and management of health services nationally and internationally. IHSU is currently situated on the third floor at International Hospital Kampala. The first school, the School of Nursing, was established in 2005 with 16 diploma students. The primary goal of the school was to rethink, refresh, and make a difference to the way new and professional nurses were being educated in Uganda. In March of 2008, the school received its provisional licence to operate as a university and effectively expanded its programming to include baccalaureate education in Nursing, Public Health, Allied Health, and Continuing Healthcare training.


Our students and graduates are challenged and trusted with an important agenda: to strive for academic excellence, to lead change by moving the health sector forward from a business-as-usual approach, and to producing and implementing creative solutions to existing problems in the health sector.


We seek to not only increase the numbers (Quantity) of healthcare providers, but to also develop healthcare providers of Quality. Nurses, Clinical Officers, Public Health Practitioners, and Laboratory Technicians are a core group of healthcare providers that the nation is in urgent need of. As one response to the ongoing crisis of the lack of quantity and quality of these groups of healthcare professionals in health sector today, IHSU contributes meaningfully to this gap and is part of Uganda’s efforts to ensure that health care is more accessible to the entire population. Our goal is to train a professional health workforce who can make a difference to the health care needs of a rapidly changing and complex world.

We believe that improving the health of a nation requires not only improving the skills, tools, and knowledge of its health professionals, but also changing the way health professionals think so that existing and future problems are approached in a more progressive, adaptive, and responsive way. IHSU is committed to providing relevant and practical training, not only using the latest electronic modalities but also through innovative and invitational teaching. All students at IHSU are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning processes and are individually mentored throughout the period of their studies.

To become a center of excellence in health-related training, IHSU has changed the way training in the health sector has traditionally been done. The latest breakthroughs in science and technology and the increasing integration of ICT in the health sector, means that health professional graduates today need to be continually stimulated and equipped for the future and to keep up-to-date with the latest development in the health sector. IHSU uses Problem-Based and Blended Learning techniques, in addition to the latest pedagogical best practice methods, to train both young people who aspire for jobs in the health sector and those seeking to upgrade their professional skills. Providing critical-thinking and analytical skills to students is paramount in providing an effective workforce to meet the world's health needs in the coming decade. All health care courses and training are given within the relevant context. Our courses and training programmes have been approved by the relevant professional bodies in Uganda and the Uganda National Council for Higher Education (NCHE).

Academic Divisions

At present, the university has four academic divisions:

  • The Institute of Public Health and Management (IPHM);
  • The School of Nursing;
  • The Institute of Allied Health Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine.
  • IPHM runs various program leading to the award of Certificates, Diplomas, Bachelors and Master’s Degrees in Public Health, and Health Care Leadership and Management, Business Administration and ICT in Health.

    The School of Nursing runs the degree program for the award of the Bachelor of Nursing Science degree for candidates from high schools as well as for nurses with diplomas in nursing returning to school. The university is also in the advanced stages of starting specialist courses in nursing and midwifery pending approval from the relevant licensing bodies.

    The Institute of Allied Health Sciences runs programs leading to the award of diplomas and undergraduate degrees in Laboratory Sciences, Clinical Medicine, and is in the advanced stages of establishing a Pharmacy School pending approval by the relevant bodies. The Faculty of Medicine, initiated in 2012, runs a Master’s of Medicine—Family Medicine program

Our Staff

At the core of IHSU’s success is a group of talented, diverse and exceptional staff (teaching faculty, support staff, and administrators) who are committed to the vision and mission of the university. The mandate to make a difference and strive for academic excellence is not just for our students. All our staff are tasked with displaying visible leadership, anticipating and responding to changes in the health sector and in learning and teaching, employing adaptive teaching methodology, engaging in professional development, and demonstrating for students the values that underpin the ethos of IHSU.

With 101 fulltime staff, and 27 part-timers (although this number varies from semester to semester), IHSU’s community of scholars is dedicated to creating a learning experience that fosters life-long-learning, creates and disseminates new knowledge through innovative research, while recognizing our responsibility to the community as relevant leaders, scholars, and change agents. The IHSU staff strive to model for our students, a culture of responsibility, integrity, building and inspiring future leaders, accountability, academic excellence, responsive leadership, and timeliness. By doing so, IHSU is setting a standard different from the norm.

Strategic Alliances

IHSU has well established strategic partnerships with both local and international teaching institutions and other industries. We currently have established collaborations with Uganda Christian University, one Finnish University, Vincent Pol University in Poland, Oxford University; YWAM, Microsoft, and Yale University.

“As we enter our 10th year, IHSU is still committed to investing in Health Systems Strengthening, Medical and Health care education in Africa through high quality education, research and health service delivery.

We are committed to contributing to increase not only the quantity but also the quality of the health workforce.

We demonstrate a model of high quality education that is progressive, contextual, innovative, constructive and resilient in the face of many challenges leading to better care and better health for the people of Africa and beyond. A model that produces change agents with solutions that work.” Professor Galukande, Council Chair

Portfolio of Our Alumni

A recent Tracer Study (2015) indicates that IHSU graduates are better suited and prepared for their chosen fields. Our graduates are:

  • Lifelong learners
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Public Health Ambassadors
  • Competent professionals with documented hand’s-on experience
  • Highly qualified Senior Staff Nurses, Heads of Departments, Chief Nursing Officers, Clinical Officers, Public Health Specialists, District Officers, and Health Center Managers etc.
  • Doctoral Candidates
  • Clinical Researchers
  • Thought leaders and Change agents with notable recognitions
  • Executive Directors
  • Employed in diverse professional fields in various sectors Uganda and around the world
  • Independent practitioners, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners
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