By Hilary Okello, DCM II

It was the university day/ cultural day- it was our day. A diffuse number of cultures showcased there crème de la crème of what they considered the utmost exquisite components of their cultures. Namely the Nigerian association, the northern Uganda association, the eastern Uganda association, the Eritrean association, the list is endless.

In 2011, a group of Ugandan public health students at Kampala’s International Health Sciences University began learning to salsa dance in their free time. When they mastered salsa, they learned other dances, over time becoming some of the best dancers in Kampala. In a small room on campus, across the courtyard from the hospital where their classes were held, these students escaped the stresses of school and city life by losing themselves in Uganda’s dreamy beats. The music and dance were intoxicating, the energy infectious.

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